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As sad as it may sound, in the current job market employers look at employees as disposable products. At Razor Sharp Resumes we use that to our advantage and make sure your new resume sells you as the high-quality product you are.

We have to give your prospective new employer a reason to want to buy that product. To try and convey that on your own can be extremely difficult to do. We all tend to look at ourselves subjectively not objectively.

Our Certified Professional Resume Writers are trained to assure that your resume will be results driven and look and read like you are worth the income that you are targeting.

With that in mind, we take what we do at Razor Sharp Resumes very seriously. It’s why we do not cut corners or offer cut-rate resumes that are useless.

We never cut and paste or use any template to create your resume. Not only do template resumes look cheap they convey that the candidate is lazy and didn’t take the time to represent themselves to a prospective employer as a professional who is proud of their career and what they represent.

When you order from us, you are assigned a specific writing professional, that is well versed in your field and capable of working with you to assure your satisfaction.


"Show, don't tell"?

That is the mantra of our Certified Professional Resumes Writers. We do more than TELL the hiring manager about you. We collaborate with you to SHOW them the impact of your work.

We recently had a VP of Human Resources at a Fortune 100 company tell us that “if someone doesn’t take the time to represent themselves to me professionally when his or her financial interests are at stake how can I expect them to represent my company professionally”?

When you are unemployed, your resume is the most important document that you own. If that document doesn’t work, and you don’t find a new job, all the other documents you hold will all be useless.

If you are looking to purchase a new resume based strictly on costs and not the product you receive, we are not the company you want to hire. If you are looking for a company that develops a resume that sells you as the high-quality product you are, then we would be honored to help you.

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