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"When I first contacted Razor Sharp Resumes, on the recommendation of a friend, I had not looked for a new job in over 23 years. To be honest, I was utterly terrified at the thought of the entire job seeking process which was all new to me. Once the process of writing my new resume began, I started to feel that this wouldn't be as terrifying as I had imagined, and I was correct. The writer I worked with, Kimberly, worked with me every step of the way and somehow produced a resume that told my entire career story in a way that I would NEVER been able to do. We all look at ourselves subjectively, and Kimberly looked at me objectively and told my story perfectly on paper. The resume she wrote looked like I was worth the income I was targeting. She updated my LinkedIn profile and even gave me pointers on the correct picture to download on LinkedIn. Through the entire process, I got the feeling that Razor Sharp Resumes genuinely cared about me finding a new job and that they weren't just trying to take my money and run. I cannot imagine ever trying this on my own, and I HIGHLY recommend Razor Sharp Resumes to anyone looking for a new job. The small investment, when compared to the results, is more than worth it."

Joseph T. | Plano, TX

"I hired Razor Sharp Resumes after an exhaustive and unsuccessful job search of more than 6 months. Razor Sharp assisted me with creation on my new resume and cover letter, LinkedIn Profile, interview coaching, and salary negotiation. I landed my current job in less than 45 days as a direct result of the services I received from Razor Sharp Resumes. I've found my happy place with my new job, and I couldn't have done it without my new friends at Razor Sharp. Thank you!"

Karen H. | Albuquerque, NM

"I was recommended to Razor Sharp by a friend that had hired their company and was delighted with the results. Upon that recommendation, I contacted Razor Sharp about my assisting me with writing my resume during a time in which I was looking to make a complete change in my career path. From the first phone call to the final draft of my resume, they were consummate professionals and proved worthy of such a high recommendation. Not only were my writers resume writing skills extraordinary, but they were also effective, helping me land a job in a highly competitive job market. I strongly recommend Razor Sharp to anyone looking to improve their resume. Thank you again!"

Andrew K. | Dallas, TX

"I'll stick to the facts for my recommendation of Razor Sharp Resumes. I lost my job in early March of 2017. Over the next 5 months, I used my old resume for 80+ job applications, networking, and on career sites with minimal results. On a friend's recommendation, I reached out to Razor Sharp for their resume writing services and LinkedIn profile update. I received my new resume and a new LinkedIn profile on August 17th and proceeded to update all the career sites and apply for a few select jobs. By the afternoon of August 21st, my phone and email were blowing up. I had multiple phone interviews within 14 days, and I received my first job offer yesterday, September 8th. Razor Sharp’s services and products rock, end of story. You will not regret this investment, and you'll have a lot of fun working with Razor Sharp Resumes along the way!"

Ronald D. | San Diego, CA

"Razor Sharp Resumes provided a top-notch resume in a very tight time frame. My writer was skillful at engaging me in conversations regarding past positions to entice relevant information which helped create a very impressive product. I was interviewed and subsequently hired within the first week of submitting their quality document to my new boss. I recommend Razor Sharp to all my friends and to anyone that is looking for a new career."

Catherine S. | Houston, TX

"Razor Sharp initially wrote a resume for my husband, which was outstanding. After seeing my husband's resume, I knew I had to hire them. I should also mention that I was making a career change after becoming a mom for the first time, and I thought it would take several months to a year to find a job with no experience in this prospective field. Boy was I wrong! Within two months, I had 3 offers on the table. Not only did Razor Sharp arm me with a highly effective resume, they helped me dust off the cobwebs when it came to my interviewing skills and gave me my confidence back. Thank you Razor Sharp for everything you did for me to help me get back in the job market. "

Lynette R. | Atlanta, GA

"I worked with Kim at RSR and soon found out she is an expert at crafting a resume that gave me the edge I needed to let my resume stand out from the crowd and land an interview with the company I work for today. She helped me highlight my experience in a way that resonates with potential employers. My resume portrayed the value I would bring to prospective employers. If you are looking to have your resume get your foot in the door with an interview, I highly recommend RSR resume writing services. "

Sharon L. | Dallas, TX

"I worked hard on my resume, but I was not getting called for interviews for jobs I thought I was qualified for. I reviewed a lot of online resume formats and finally decided a change was needed. When I contacted Razor Sharp Resumes, and when I was sent the comprehensive initial questionnaire, I knew my resume wasn't sufficient for the career I ultimately wanted. The thoroughness of questions and understanding of what a resume needs to be for an employer to take a second look were outstanding. My new resume, LinkedIn profile and 30-60-90-day business plan that they created for me were the difference I needed in my search. I’ve recommended Razor Sharp to all my friends."

Paul W. | Seattle, WA

"Razor Sharp Resumes is a company that always goes the extra mile for their client. I have used “professional” resume services before, and the experience that I had with Razor Sharp was by far the best, and might I add, the most productive concerning results. Thank you, Razor Sharp Resumes, for what you do!"

Kevin B. | Cincinnati, OH

"RSR impressed me from the first contact I had with them. Throughout the entire process, they were exceptionally committed to their two fundamental objectives. Their first objective was to gain a comprehensive understanding of who I am as a complete individual and what I was trying to accomplish in my career at this stage in my life. Their second objective was to transform a list of facts about my attributes, proficiencies, and history into an image that would be much more quickly and easily comprehensible to others. I prefer to think of their expertise as the ability to skillfully transform an enormous collection of points of verbal paint into an amazingly accurate portrait that represents who I am. I’m 100% satisfied with everything RSR has done to help me and wanted to let everybody know that when you need a portrait painted, I hope you commission RSR. "

Melody P. | New York, NY

"Razor Sharp Resumes price was more than reasonable, the turnaround time was rapid, the service was exemplary, and the product was top-notch. I recommend Razor Sharp Resumes to anyone who is looking for a new career."

Andrew R. | Fort Worth, TX

"When my friend recommended RSR to me, I was hesitant to spend the money, but my resume needed some serious help. It wasn't a week after I received my updated resume that I was called for an initial interview with my new employer and I was offered my new position in two weeks. The staff was extremely helpful and responsive. They were thorough in asking what I wanted in my career and the goals I was hoping to achieve. When I look back, I am almost embarrassed to think my career wasn’t worth the small investment I made with RSR."

Linda Z. | Chicago, IL

"Razor Sharp Resumes provides an excellent service. My writer was able to take my mess of a resume that had become SEVEN pages of job duties and responsibilities and turn it into a two-page document that professionally represents me. It truly sold me as the "product" I am to prospective employers. I am thoroughly pleased with the "new me."

Alisha C. | Tampa, FL

"Your help in retooling my resume and cover letter greatly increased responses from potential new employers. The job I have accepted was one I had been trying to get an interview with for over 6 months with no success at all. My RSR resume not only got me in the door but with your resources and coaching, I landed this job with only two interviews. My new boss told me the 30-60-90 day plan you provided me was a big factor in their decision to hire me. Thank you for what you do."

Alan D. | Pittsburg, PA

"RSR helped me with an outstanding resume and LinkedIn profile. In less than 4 days I had an interview which ultimately led to a great offer. If it were not for my RSR resume, I would not have a new career. "

William G. | Charlotte, NC

"It was a pleasure working with Razor Sharp Resumes. They vastly improved my resume which ultimately helped connect me to my current new career. Job hunting is not an enjoyable task but Razor Sharp was always available to me to discuss interviews in progress and next steps. I highly recommend Razor Sharp to anyone that is struggling in their job search."

Carol M. | New Orleans, LA

"I wanted to drop you a quick note thanking RSR for all the fantastic help you provided me in my job search. My new resume was a significant improvement over the version I was using, and the results showed immediately. My RSR resume got many results in the form of calls and interviews, and the interview preparation you provided was hit right on the mark regarding the exact questions they were asking that I needed to be prepared for. I highly recommend utilizing your services for anyone in job search mode. Thanks again, you are a great resource. "

Terry M. | Cleveland, OH

"I just wanted to convey to you that your writer did an incredible job on my resume and cover letter. She was always available whenever I had a question and made me feel confident that my resume was in good hands. Thank you for assigning her to me - couldn't have done it without her!"

Sara H. | San Diego, CA

"I wanted to extend my thanks to Razor Sharp Resumes and to the writer for being so great to work with. Once I filled out the required information I received a rapid response and always felt like someone was actively engaged with me, throughout the process. The writer was amazingly efficient, and her turnaround time exceeded my expectations. She was open to suggestions and changes, but also strong in her convictions on what made the most sense for my vocation. I would recommend the site and service to any of my friends or colleagues."

David N. | Omaha, NE